School Tours

Here at the Model Village in Clonakilty we welcome tours of all ages, but our favourites by far are primary school tours. Nothing beats the wide eyed reaction we get on the child’s first school trip to the village and the wonderful questions and feedback we receive. We pride ourselves in providing a tour that is educational but fun and the number of children who return to us with their family is testament to that. Check out our facilities.

Our tour includes:
Time to get to know the children.
A light-hearted tour of the village with a brief history of each town on the railway line and little tit bits to intrigue the children.
Fun quiz to test the children’s knowledge.
The class will join us in the interpretive centre that helps the children to relate what they’ve seen to the history of the area. We find the children love this opportunity to show off their new passion for local history.
Time out to eat and leave off steam in our indoor soft play area or outdoor playground.
Hop aboard Choo Choo, our train for a tour of Clonakilty to round off the day before heading home.   

To book your School Tour, simply fill in our Contact Us form and we'll be back to you to confirm dates and details.

Active Retirement Tours

A day in the Model Village is a wonderful trip back in time to the 1940’s where the West Cork Railway Line was at the heart of the many communities who lived and worked along the line.

Take some time to explore the fully scaled models of West Cork towns and railway track and then delve further in our new Interpretive Room. Rest awhile in our authetic train carriage café or explore Clonakilty in Choo Choo, our road train.

The model village is the ideal start to any tour of Clonakilty or West Cork as it gives you an unique insight into the history and heritage of the area before bringing it wonderfully to life throughout your tour.

We offer excellent rates for Active Retirement Groups with guided tours and have ample parking for coaches. Check out our facilities and please get in contact if you need further information.

Model Village


Model Village