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A day in the Model Village is a wonderful trip back in time to the 1940’s where the West Cork Railway Line was at the heart of the many communities who lived and worked along the line.

Take some time to explore the fully scaled models of West Cork towns and railway track. Enjoy watching 20 minutes of footage of the last days of the West Cork Railway Line in our Audio /Video room. All footage is in colour – cine and still and is a trip down memory lane for railway lovers.

Tea, coffee and a selection of cakes are available in the Village Café.

See Clonakilty in a novel way, with a tour on our iconic Road Train.

The model village is the ideal start to any tour of Clonakilty or West Cork as it gives you a unique insight into the history and heritage of the area before bringing it wonderfully to life throughout your tour.

We offer excellent rates for Active Retirement Groups with guided tours and have ample parking for coaches. Please get in contact if you need further information.

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