Box set of “The West Cork Railways” + “Too Good to be Forgotten”


The West Cork Railways (1 Disc DVD)

Footage from 1958, 1959 & 1961

Run time: 60 minutes

This DVD features the last days of the West Cork Railway Line before it was decommissioned in 1961. All footage is in colour – cine and still and is a trip down memory lane for railway lovers. Edited and narrated by Brian Baker. Brian’s father spent his working life on the West Cork Railway and his final appointment was Station Master at Bandon.

Too Good to be Forgotten (2 Disc DVD)

This two disc DVD is a sequel to “The West Cork Railways” featuring stills from the Walter McGrath collection and film footage of the West Cork Railway before and after closure. Footage show harvesting sugar beet in Mallow, Sunday excursions to Courtmascherry and the unique link through the busy streets of Cork city.

After production and distribution costs all profits are donated to the Railway Children Charity.